About Us

How this unique jewelry shop developed into what it is today.

April the Designer

A word about April the designer. She taught herself to create three dimensional sculpture, which is a ring. Her method is different from others in that she builds up rather than carving away or removing material. You can see and feel the difference. She builds the rings on her fingers instead of a mandrel so the “feel” is natural, a sense of belonging. People say “This feels so good on” … It does!

About Us

Goldsmith Lucerne is a friends-owned jewelry store located downtown at the foot of Lake Chelan. We have been in business since 1971. Superior quality jewelry and exceptional customer service have always been our top priorities. We offer a wide selection of originals by our designer, April Jane Monday, and a fine array of bracelets, chains, earrings and stones from around the world . . . all in a friendly compatible atmosphere.

Goldsmith Lucerne History

The idea for this business was born in Hawaii in 1971 and quickly moved to the Cascade Mountains on Lake Chelan Washington’s south shore the same year. Lake Chelan is very unusual in that no roads follow the shoreline or any of its length except the lower 22 miles which is near the town of Chelan. The lake, 55 miles long 1600 feet deep and about a mile wide meandering it’s way into the heart of the Cascade mountains, is the backdrop for what was to become Goldsmith Lucerne, a jewelry business.

106 E Woodin Chelan, Wa 98816


10:00am-5:30pm Monday - Saturday